Hydrocal over Steel
109" x 98" x 34"
Williams College Museum of Art

View Study for Shanks

Shanks perfectly exemplifies Unger’s inclinations—rational yet connected to nature, serene but passionate, rigorously formed yet playful.” –Judith Page, Sculpture Magazine, 1999

“The overall effect of the nearly nine-foot, tripartite composition is one of uncanny, restless grace.” – Horace Ballard, Williams College Museum of Art, 2022

"Take her most recent sculpture, Shanks, whose title reflects its derivation from a lamb shank. Though an unlikely model for three massive forms leaning against the wall, this kitchen leftover suggested a host of sculptural possibilities. ...In its sculptural incarnation - three hydrocal units constructed over a welded armature - Shank's figurative associations are obvious. Lined up against the wall, supported from behind, and poised on point, these anonymous entities are passive, immobile and silent. Like sentinels, they wait, and their lean constitution, bound torsos, and hunched posture suggest subjugation. They seem exposed and vulnerable." – Douglas Dreishpoon, 1997

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