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55 Mercer
New York, NY

Mary Ann Unger Waterfalls

Mary Ann Unger

October 18 through November 5, 1983

Gallery hours: 11 A.M. to 6 P.M., Tuesday through Saturday.

Opening reception: October 18, 6 to 8 P.M.


In her second one-person show in New York, Mary Ann Unger continues her involvement with themes from nature. At the C. U. N. Y. Graduate Center in January of 1982, she installed a baroque garden of painted wood. At the 55 Mercer Street Gallery she is presenting a series of painted paper wall pieces exploring the theme of waterfalls. A Manhattan artist, Ms. Unger was inspired for this work by her summers on Mt. Desert Island, in Maine.

The series of wall sculptures, ranging in height from 21 inches to 9 feet, are constructed of museum board. Some are gessoed and painted with oils and others are left the white of paper. They consist of only two thematic elements, rock and water.

The waterfalls have a mass and monumentality that belie their paper construc­tion. Time seems arrested in this work, as the water's continuous flow is caught and examined. Ms. Unger's creations are a quiet yet enduring statement about the persistence of nature and the worth of classical values in a world of confusion.

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